Saturday, October 20, 2007

Get it Down: 31 for 21 Day Twenty

I cannot believe I have actually blogged daily for 20 days! With this one, I am finally ready (well almost!) to share the website I have been making about Jack. It is far from finished, but I feel like it's ready to be shared. I've been working really hard on this, and I hope it can turn out to be a good support for new and expecting parents of kiddos with DS. Check it out and let me know what you think!


Christina said...

Love the website Kristen! IT looks really good!

mum2brady said...

I love your blog and website! I was looking at Jen's list of blogs at Pinwheels and the title of your blog touched my heart and I had to check it out!!

Jack is a DOLL!!! And, I love all your 31 for 21 posts :)

Nice to "meet" you :)

Emily said...

I love your new website! Jack is such a cutie and quite the ladies man!