Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fun Father's Day

First things first...Jack is continuing to recover just beautifully. He has slept through the night since Friday, and his last dose of pain meds was yesterday morning. He has been busy eating chicken fingers and quesadillas, along with the occasional scoop of ice cream! (Hey, he might as well get some of the perks of having his tonsils out...even if he doesn't need them!).

So Father's Day...we had already decided to stay put because of Jack's surgery, and Daddy decided that he wanted to wake up, surf (surprise surprise!), get out the waterslide, and barbeque some yummy tri-tip! We invited our friends Ashlee and Todd(and Macy, of course!) over for what turned out to be a gorgeous day! The kids went crazy on our new toy, and Jack was able to sport his new earplugs! You can tell by the pics that this surgery certainly hasn't kept my boy down! All in all, it was a perfect day! Daddy got lots of lovin', homemade cards, and the first three seasons of LOST on DVD...he was a happy daddy!

Friday, June 13, 2008

We are home...a good T & A story?

I have been nervous about this surgery. Lately, the only T & A stories I've heard have been recovery horror stories...this does not sit well with a mommy who already has a six-month old that keeps her up all night. The prospect of having another child up all night isn't appealing at all! However, Jack NEEDED this surgery so badly so that he can sleep better, feel better, attend better...you get my point. I went in this morning ready for whatever came my way. John and I left our house at 4:15am to get to our check-in time at 5:00am. Jack was groggy and stayed close to daddy while we waited to go in.

When Nana arrived, he started to wake up to get some loves and ended up roaming the halls and flirting with the nurses! What a little ladies man!

He was first in at 6:10, and we all went and waited in the lobby. No sooner had I fed the baby a jar of bananas, they called us in to see the little man! He was done in 20 minutes! Whaaaaaatttttt?! John and I walked back to recovery only to find that our little guy was already awake! The doc was there, and said that it was a success. He said that Jack had a ton of fluid in his ears and the consistency was like jello! Eeeewwwww! Needless to say, he should be hearing A LOT better now! And oh yes, we got a picture. Ever seen Tonsils and Adenoids? Well, you're about to...GROSS! These are Jack's...nice, huh?!

He grabbed onto daddy really quick and pretty much held a death grip...He took a few sips of apple juice right away, and then a few minutes later, the crying started. I knew it couldn't be this easy! We gave him some morphine, but it didn't calm him down. The nurse thought he probably wanted his annoying IV off, so she pulled it out, handed us our discharge papers and off we went! We were home by 8:00! The second we pulled up to the house, Jack got a big smile on his face, and he went inside to watch Elmo, eat pancakes (Yes, I said pancakes!), a banana and milk. He ran around the house all morning acting like he never had surgery. Craziness! He conked out around 1:00 and has been asleep ever since. Now I know it's only the first half of the first morning of recovery, and I don't want to get my hopes up, but I'm pretty optimistic. We'll keep you posted, but right now, I'm proud of my boy for how well he did!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Jack's T & A and Tubes Surgery

The time has come...Jack will go in to CHOC tomorrow to have his Tonsils and Adenoids out and get tubes. I will update more tomorrow after the surgery, but please, if you are the praying type, say a little one for my boy tomorrow. Thanks a bunch!