Tuesday, October 02, 2007

31 for 21: Get it Down Day Two
We're getting down to the wire with baby number four, and as I blogged before, our family of six will not all fit in my Dodge Ram 1500 :-(. I thought I was doomed to be a "mad mom in a mini-van" because let's face it, gas isn't getting any cheaper, we'll be picking up a new car payment where we didn't before, and I don't want to add to our expenses...the mini-van just seemed the only way to go with it's great gas mileage. We had all but picked out the color of our upcoming Honda Odyssey when abruptly on Sunday I got the urge to go look at the Dodge Durango...after all, it is an SUV, but I wanted to make damn sure the gas mileage was horrendous before I totally counted it out. I just can't get into the "mini-van mindset" quite yet! Well, what do ya know...the Durango isn't as bad as my truck (It's not good, but it's not awful!). I took a test drive, and oh yeah, I'm sold!!! I wasn't sure if John would be with me on this idea because as much as I don't want to add to our expenses, he really doesn't want to. Hmmm, how to talk him into it...here's how I did it! We have a 31 foot trailer that we take camping quite frequently. With the demise of our truck comes the demise of our trailer. Our solution would have been to sell the trailer and buy an RV (more $$$$$$$). In talking to the salesperson at Dodge, we found out that the Durango is heavy enough to tow our trailer! Can we say, HALLELUJIAH!!!!!?? SOLD SOLD SOLD!!!! So early next week sometime, I will be the owner of a new Durango. No mad mom in a mini-van (just yet!).
OK, so there was another observation I wanted to make from our car shopping adventure. We had the kids with us...Jack was in his stroller because he is such a wiggle worm. The supervising salesman could not get enough of Jack. He was so drawn to him, giving him high fives, making faces, and imitating silly noises. People love babies, that's for sure, but this was different...it was like Jack had this amazing power to give this man some peace. You could just see it in his face. He was mesmerized. So my comment is this: Isn't it amazing how our angels can draw people to them...they have this presence that is literally overwhelming. I feel it daily, but to see strangers respond in the same way is amazing to me. Angels on earth for sure!


Megan's got 47 said...

Good choice, I love the Durango!
But it is so nice having sliding doors when you have a baby in one hand, a toddler in another and a pre-schooler in the, oh wait no more hands, LOL, LOVE YA LADY! Always thinking about you and your beautiful family!! Good luck with the Durango! I am jealous as I drive around a ugly mini van that I swore I would never buy....How ya feeling?

Clark Mama said...

LOL, Steph! I swore I would never get one either, but I'm sure my time will come someday in the near future...just not now! ;-)