Saturday, October 27, 2007

Get it Down: 31 for 21 Day 27

Today I am going to write down one thing about each of my kids and hubby that I love love love and one thing that makes me laughhhhh!!!


  • That he puts his family first...I love that!
  • That he exaggerates everything...he thinks if he misses one day of surfing on the weekend, he'll get love handles....I'm laughing as I wrote that...because it is sooo true!


  • That she will come out of her room after we've put her to bed to say "I love you" again and give us a kiss and a hug...I love that!
  • That she knows all of the words to Rhianna's "The Umbrella Song" and belts them out in the car...doesn't matter how much I hear it, I always laugh.


  • That he gives lovies on demand! He melts in my chest and bats his eyelashes...I love that!
  • That his sisters tease him and tickle him and he just laughsssss hysterically every time! His laugh is contagious!


  • When she gets in the car after school and sees Jack, she gets the biggest grin on her face...I love that she loves him so much!
  • That when she thinks only her sister is looking, she does the booty's sooo funny!

I love my family!

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