Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Hodge Podge of Updates Part One..The Boys


Remember when I said that the ENT informed us that the fluid that came out of Jack's ears had the consistency of Jello?! (Double EEEEW!) Well, it must've...because we are almost two months out and guess what?! Jack has gone from about five spoken words (90-100 signs) to over twenty and adding every day! What a difference ear tubes make! Can we say PROUD?! I am sooo proud of my baby. We had the dreaded (not really, but it sounds good, LOL!) 6 month EVALUATIONS last week, and Jack scored at the 20 month level in speech, 22 months in cognition, and....drum roll pleeeeeeease...28 months in social/emotional (He is 28 months old, so no delay there!). Anyhow, the cognition is only 20 something percent delayed, which falls in the normal range. This child works so so proud!
He has been brushing up on his social skills this summer with a couple of playdates...whatever fear I had about my child never making friends was clearly unfounded! Here's a few of my faves...notice all of the girls!


I can't believe my little guy is 8 months old! He has a contagious laugh, a curious grin, and the ability to keep mommy wrapped tightly around his little finger!!! This is obvious, given the fact that he has wiggled his way into my bed at night! How did I ever let that happen?! Sooo, next step is getting him out! Grant is a little pistol! He would rather just skip the crawling and go right to the standing and walking....although, he has been staying on all fours longer and longer these days! He may just crawl yet! He loves his sisters and cracks up at their mere presence. He has major love for mommy, and he lets everyone know by his piercing screams when I have left the room! Here are a couple of recent pics of my little munchkin!

Buddy Walk Time!

Hi all!
I can't believe it's that time again...the 2008 Buddy Walk will be on Sunday, November 2, 2008 at Angel Stadium. As always, our team, Jammin' for Jack, will be raising money for Down syndrome awareness while celebrating the life of our beautiful son. If you want to know what it means to have Down syndrome, please view the short video here OR go check out Jack's website at If you would like to join our team, donate money, or help with fundraising, you can go to, or I will also be sending out donation forms in the mail if you prefer to donate that way. We want to thank you in advance for your generosity and support of such a worthy cause.

With much love and gratitude,
the Clark fam