Friday, October 08, 2010

31 for 21: Potty Training~We are getting there!!!!!!!

So...potty training...ugggh! I swear I will have a big ole party when both of my boys are out of diapers! Grant refuses to even go near the potty...when asked, he always responds, "I'll go tomorrow." LOL...every day he says this. He's not ready...I'm (kinda) OK with that. Jack, on the other hand, needs to be potty trained. We have built this goal into his ABA is working! We devised a plan to use a motivational system to get Jack to go pee on the potty. He is totally obsessed with Toy Story, and we are slowly building a collection of all of the characters...he wanted Jessie...bad! Soooo, in came the Potty Chart. Every time Jack went on the potty, he got a sticker on his chart (Toy Story, of course!). Once he got to 10, he would get Jessie. We had her picture posted in the bathroom with his chart and made a BIG deal about it...

Well, today Jack went on the potty for the tenth time! WOO HOO! I went right out and got him Jessie...he seriously didn't let go of her all night! AMAZING! But here is the cool matter what, when we put Jack on the potty, he will go. So now we up the expectation...Instead of giving stickers for going on the potty, we will give him stickers for every time he TELLS US he needs to go...because if we don't put him there, he will still go in his pull up. I know we are on our up...yep, you guessed it! Bullseye! I'll update when it happens!

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