Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Jack - Sleep Apnea

Jack had a sleep study done at CHOC on April 1st to rule out any sleep disorders that may be affecting his attention span and overall health. It's a crazy process, and rather than explain it, I'll show you a picture.

OK, so about 2 weeks later, we got the results back. Jack had just under 5 hours of sleep, and in that 5 hours, he stopped breathing 16 times for 9 seconds 15 of the times (11 seconds one time). His oxygen levels never went below 95, which isn't good, but it isn't terrible. Before his heart surgery, he hovered in the high 80s/low 90s and that was normal for him. So what that means is that he has significant sleep apnea (No wonder the kid has trouble focusing! Duhhh?!). Our plan of attack is to visit the ENT on Monday to hopefully schedule Tonsils and Adenoids surgery. Hopefully, this will solve the problem, and we can move on. If not, well, I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. I am amazed my boy does as well as he does day in and day out. He is progressing so nicely with such a crappy night's sleep. I know how I am when I don't sleep well, and I can't imagine my level of functioning if I slept like that every night. On an interesting side note, much of the research that is coming out now is saying that many kids are being misdiagnosed with ADD when in reality, they have an undetected sleep disorder. Makes sense!

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