Thursday, July 19, 2007

Jack had his 15 month check up today...Can I just say I have to give his pediatrician's MA a gold star...I LOVE LaTonya! She loves my boy so much and grabs him out of my arms for some lovin' the second she see's him. It makes everything so much better when you have medical staff who really "get it." She was talking to me today about how Jack is so amazing and special...he's just Jack...after seeing him so much in his short life, she doesn't see him as Jack with Down Syndrome anymore...she just sees her babe Jack. She had to show him off to everyone in the office today...Did I already say I love this woman?! So great! As for my little man, he is growing steadily...23.2 pounds and 32 inches...he is gaining on Bella! Everything checked out A-OK, which is what I like to hear! Dr. Osburn is also an amazing man...he is soooo good to Jack! While we were waiting for Jack's shots, he came back in with his intern to have her observe "a child with Down Syndrome who is functioning very well." Once again, music to my ears! I love my boy so much...I just want the best life for him...I like days like today...not bad at all. :-)


~Melissa~ said...

Sounds like a wonderful check up!!!

Christina said...

Yes it does sound like a great check up and I love days like that too! I love when people openly profess the potential they see in Kallie that I see in her everyday! BTW, have I told you how cute your little man is?! Hope all is going good with you and the new little man on the way too :D