Monday, July 09, 2007

OK, I'm at a loss...John's middle name is Grant, which will be our new little babe's name...but a middle name?! Ugggh...I HATE boy names! I do love Jack, I love Grant...ummm, that's about all I can do with the boys. The problem is that there aren't many names that flow with Grant ________Clark. SUGGESTIONS ANYONE? Here's what I have so far...Oh and a big P.S.: My husband is VERY opinionated when it comes to he nixed the first 50 names I came up with , LOL!
  • Grant Clayton Clark
  • Grant Sebastian Clark
  • Grant Caden Clark
  • Grant Grayson Clark
  • IDK?????? Help!!

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monicamc21 said...

Why not use a last name in there....your maiden name, your mom's maiden name...???