Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bella Funny

We were out shopping on was a really windy and rainy day, and Bella noticed the tall palm trees swaying in the wind. One particular tree that had obviously lost a lot of fronds, caught her eye. This is how the conversation went.
Bella: That tree doesn't have a lot of branches like the other palm trees do.
Me: No, it sure doesn't. It only has a few.
Bella: Maybe it got a buzz cut.

Ahh, the mind of a child...I haven't laughed that hard in ages! :-) Love my girl!


Rachel said...

Glad to see a post. I check everyday and hope all is well. I must say, that is one funny girl. But man is she smart. LOL!


Bethany said...

Hahahahaha That is hysterical!! LOL