Tuesday, August 08, 2006

San Clemente?
My darling little stepdaughter Keeley is starting KINDERGARTEN this September!!!!! I can't believe how fast time flies by! She is just growing up so fast. Well, being that her "school life" is starting, John and I have been talking at length about possibly moving down there so that we can easily be involved in as much as possible. I mean let's face it, Huntington Beach and San Clemente are NOT close by one another. We also want all of the kids to go to school together if possible, and our little 1278 square foot house is seeming mighty small since Jack was born. So what's the remedy for that? Well, we are kicking around the idea of selling our house and buying a house in the Talega area of San Clemente. If we do make the move, it will be the house that we will raise our kids in. After that, no more moving until John and I buy our retirement home! We went down to San Diego on Friday and on the way, we checked out a bunch of model homes in Talega. All of the houses are over 2,000 square feet which would be a perfect size for us, and the best part, they are NEW houses! John won't have to do any work on the house. His weekends will be free! What will he do with himself?!?!!? The neighborhoods are also AMAZING! They are quiet, clean, and ideal for the kids. There are about 5 parks, 3 swimming pools, and a bunch of hiking/walking trails. The more we think about it, the better it sounds. We found a housing plan we really like, and the next set of homes will be released for sale in November and ready to move into in February or March. That works well for us because we need to finish the house before we put it up for sale. I think John is SUPER motivated because after months of just sitting there halfway done, John has managed to almost finish our master bathroom. I actually think I will be able to sit in my clawfoot tub by the weekend!!!!
So there it is, to move or not to move?????? I know we have loosely thrown around the idea of moving before, but we are pretty serious about making this happen. It will definitely be a sacrifice because living there is not cheap(I don't think there is anyplace in CA that is cheap anymore!!! :-() We will just go back to no cable TV and probably have to sell our trailer until we can afford it again!! I will have to work a little bit more to keep us afloat, but with all of the pluses in this scenario, I think it's soooo worth the sacrifice! I'll update as I know more...


April said...

That would make you closer to San Diego! I love the idea!!!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work
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