Saturday, August 05, 2006

JACK RYAN - Four Months Old
Jack turned four months old how time flies! John was saying to me last night that it seems like he's older than that because of all of the drama that surrounded the time of his birth. All of that seems like a distant memory now...almost like it never happened, but it really wasn't that long ago at all. Life is just going on, happening all around us. Jack is now holding his head up for over a minute on his tummy, he's eating cereal (well, he's trying! It seems to end up all over his face!), he grabs at his feet, and over the past few days, he's been starting to really laugh at things that excite him...mainly ME. I am pretty funny to look at, I guess!
The past couple months, John and I have gone to the Down Syndrome Association of Orange County 0-3 Support Group. It meets on the first Thursday of the month and it has been a great source of information. We have met some great parents and their kids. I like the idea of going because it's like a network. We get information, but at the same time, we are meeting parents who have kids around Jack's age. I envision Jack (and John and I) making some lifelong friends. That makes me smile.
We go to the cardiologist on Thursday morning. I think we will get some info. on where his surgery will be, when it will be, who might do it, etc... I have to say I'm anxious to get it done. I know that sounds funny, but I'm going crazy waiting around for the inevitable. Jack is up to weight, so there is no reason why they can't just do it so that my baby can move on from this (not to mention I can stop worrying about it so much!). I am going to talk to the doctor about how soon we can have it done. I'll update as I get info.

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