Sunday, October 05, 2008

Hodge Podge...

Soccer Stuff...Bella scored another goal this weekend! YES! She's getting better and better each week...Now...if we could only get her to stop dancing on the soccer field, LOL! My mom and mother in law came to cheer her on...I tend to yell...ALOT...during the games. I heard my mom say, "Oh no...she's one of *those* moms!" LOL! Yep, and proud of it!

Grant--Started Waving and Clapping this weekend! I think he's saying "Hi!" when he waves! He is sooooo proud of himself!

And for those that haven't heard...Jack got glasses for up close stuff! He is ADORABLE! And, he keeps them on pretty well...shocker! Here is the cutie pie in his new shades!


McKenna said...

Jack is so cute in his glasses!! Tell Grant "hi" from us! :)

Rachel said...

He is so precious! I have a Jackson and Coleson...both in glasses and I think they are just wonderful in is your Jack!

Love em!